Glock Club 2019 Journal to be published

Stan, the president of the GCA, is wrapping up the 2019 Journal. This year he focused on the G24. All you long slide .40 S&W fans take note.

In design the G24P, G24, and G24C is simply a G17L in .40 with the reinforcing pin on the locking block, and the correct barrel and ejector. The first model produced was the G24P which came out in February 1994 and had the 2nd generation checkered grenade frame. The ‘P’ letter indicated that it was ported. the ported area on the G24P has oval shaped holes where the vent-slotted shaped slits on the very rare 800 or less G17L pistol does not. The oval shaped holes were a better engineered compensation system. In March 1994, the G24 was produced with no oval shaped holes which make the G24 non-compensated. All G24P, G24 and G24C models have a slotted....

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