GLOCK 44 vs GLOCK 19 Gen 5

So they let me field strip both the G44 and G19 and I guess in all the excited I forgot which parts with which one. Needless to say I quickly reassembled the GLOCK 44 and GLOCK 19 before I was embarrassed. 

glock 44

The G44 is a blowback pistol similar to the G25 and G28. It does not have a locked breech/slide lockup like other GLOCK pistols.

glock 44 vs glock 19

The size of G44 (top) is similar to the G19 (bottom). The slide width is slightly smaller on the GLOCK 44.

glock 44 magazine vs glock 19 magazine

The size of G19 magazine (left) is similar to the G44 (right). The button to load the G44 magazine is easy on the thumb.

g44 vs g19

The rear of the G44 magazine (top) is ribbed, similar to GLOCK's single stack magazines. It also aids in differentiating the G19 (bottom) from the G44 by touch.

g44 recoil spring

The G44 recoil spring (bottom) is constructed of polymer and uses less resistance than than the G19 recoil spring (bottom).

g44 vc g19

The GLOCK model 44 disassembles the same way as all other GLOCK pistols.

glock model 44

The GLOCK model 44 slide (top) is constructed of polymer and steel. This was done to give the slide the correct mass to fire the .22 LR round.

glock pencil barrel

The GLOCK model 44 barrel (bottom) is skinny compared to the G19 barrel (top). 

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  • Can I use G19 gen5 aftermarket parts such as: Tyrant Designs extended slide release(for Gen 5), Tyrant Designs extended magazine release(for gen5), NDZ extended slide lock (Gen 1-5), Ghost Pro 3.3 trigger connector complete spring kit for ( all Glock models Gen 1-5) ON A GLOCK 44.

    Shirley Place

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