G17 Gen 5

Here's a look at the Glock 17 Gen 5 from my pal, Hunter, at Range Hot. As you will read he wasn't a GLOCK fan but the G17 Gen 5 chanced his mind.

"For the longest time I did not care for Glock pistols. I just did not get caught up in what folks were raving about. I was at a gunshow and found a brand new Gen 4 17 at a deal, so I picked it up. You can see that review by following this link.  I began to shoot a few local matches with it and in short order I began to really like the pistol. I have thousands upon thousands of rounds through that pistol and never had a single issue. That is enough to convince me.

When I get wind Glock was introducing a Gen 5 17, I emailed Glock right away and secured a test sample and got started immediately. The new Gen 5 is strikingly similar to the Glock M series, currently issued to the FBI...."

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