Finally! A G47 For The Commercial Market

glock model 47 mos

Back in 2019 GLOCK introduced the G47, an LE-only pistol. As the story goes the G47 was developed for the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) and was and still is not available to the commercial market. That has all changed with the new GLOCK G47 MOS. The civilian-friendly G47 MOS offers all the adaptability as the LE version of the G47 plus it comes in an MOS variant. It is also available to the civilian market. The new G47 MOS offers all the same reliability and performance as the G17 Gen5 MOS, but with a shortened dust cover. The G47 MOS also maintains parts compatibility with the G17 Gen5 MOS, G19 Gen5 MOS, and G45 MOS. So this means you will be able to swap the G47 MOS slide assembly with the slide assembly from a G19 Gen5 to create your own compact pistol with a full size grip. Wait! Doesn't Glock already offer a pistol like that? Yes and it is called the G45.

glock g47 mos right
Does this mean the G17 Gen5 and G19 Gen5 models will be discontinued? It makes sense the older Glock model 17 and Glock model 19 will be phased out and replaced with different combinations of the G47 and G45. The reason it makes sense is this: Parts compatibility. The G17 Gen5 and G19 Gen5 use a few different parts, specifically the locking block. All the parts for the G47 and G45 are the same. This cuts costs on manufacturing the pistols and makes it easier and simpler to maintain the pistols.

glock 47 mos top
Just for the record, the G47 MOS is chambered in 9x19mm, has an overall length of 7.95 inches, a barrel length of 4.4 inches, weight with a loaded magazine is 34.29 ounces and the magazine capacity in 17 rounds. Other 19, 24, 31 and 33-round Gen5 magazines are compatible with the new G47 MOS.

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