Can You See What's Unique With This G34?

We get a lot of emails that start this way: Hi. I’m not a member so if you’d rather not answer my question I’ll understand. I recently picked up… and my question is if there’s any collector value?

glock 34 gen3

We’d love for you to become a member but that won’t stop us from answering a questions about a GLOCK pistol. Keep those questions coming.
A recent inquiry was about an early Gen 3 G34. The owner purchased this pistol to compete in IDPA and thought it was a Gen 2 G34. What?! There is no such thing as a Gen 2 G34. The GLOCK 34 was introduced in the Third Generation. All serial numbers matched but it was not a first run gun. First run G34 Gen 3 models have CPY serial number letter prefix.
I asked for images of the pistol to help identify it and do you see what I saw? If you are an astute student of GLOCK then you noticed this particular model is a 2-pin gun. These are some of the first G34’s to hit the market back in 1998 and were built with the old style 2-pin locking block.
When GLOCK introduced pistols chambered in the .40 Auto and 10mm Auto calibers, some of these guns experienced cracked frames. The solution with to add a pin to the locking block to secure it better to the frame. Around 1995, GLOCK added a third pin to all 9mm models. These improved locking block models are known as 3-pin models.
What trips up some people with 2-pin verses 3-pin guns in 9mm was this early transitional period when 2-pin guns were made with Gen 3 frames.
So mystery solved with this collector’s G34. From the image it grades about 80% and has had modification made to it. An estimated value is about $500. GLOCKs are easy to modify, but word to the wise collector: 2-pin guns receive a premium especially it grades 100% to 90% and comes with the original box and accessories.


  • Gents, Ihave in my possession two unusual Glocks. I am the original owner of both and have had them since the 1980’s.
    Glock 17, Ser. #AF999
    Glock 19, Ser. #DN999
    I will let you determine if, as a “collector”, any of your members might be interested in acquiring them.
    If you want to contact me please do not send me a post through the GCA web site. Use my email address.

  • Hey! That’s my Glock! All modifications removed with no blemishes but no box etc. Thanks, Joe

    Joe Hester

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