Can You See What's Unique With This G34?

We get a lot of emails that start this way: Hi. I’m not a member so if you’d rather not answer my question I’ll understand. I recently picked up… and my question is if there’s any collector value?

glock 34 gen3

We’d love for you to become a member but that won’t stop us from answering a questions about a GLOCK pistol. Keep those questions coming.
A recent inquiry was about an early Gen 3 G34. The owner purchased this pistol to compete in IDPA and thought it was a Gen 2 G34. What?! There is no such thing as a Gen 2 G34. The GLOCK 34 was introduced in the Third Generation. All serial numbers matched but it was not a first run gun. First run G34 Gen 3 models have CPY serial number letter prefix.
I asked for images of the pistol to help identify it and do you see what I saw? If you are an astute student of GLOCK then you noticed this particular model is a 2-pin gun. These are some of the first G34’s to hit the market back in 1998 and were built with the old style 2-pin locking block.
When GLOCK introduced pistols chambered in the .40 Auto and 10mm Auto calibers, some of these guns experienced cracked frames. The solution with to add a pin to the locking block to secure it better to the frame. Around 1995, GLOCK added a third pin to all 9mm models. These improved locking block models are known as 3-pin models.
What trips up some people with 2-pin verses 3-pin guns in 9mm was this early transitional period when 2-pin guns were made with Gen 3 frames.
So mystery solved with this collector’s G34. From the image it grades about 80% and has had modification made to it. An estimated value is about $500. GLOCKs are easy to modify, but word to the wise collector: 2-pin guns receive a premium especially it grades 100% to 90% and comes with the original box and accessories.


  • Greetings, I have a Glock 27 Serial # CBF654 US. I contacted Glock and was Told the Production Date was
    21 October 1996 and it is a Generation 2. It has .40 SW on the Left Side of the Slide and on the Top of the Slide above the Ejection Port. I Inquired How Many were Produced and Stamped, He said the Glock Archives are not Clear on the Total Number, but it was not an Entire Production Run. I Showed it to a Glock Armorer Up North at a Gun Show. In Over 20 yrs. as an Armorer, He Stated " This is the 3rd Exact Model he has Ever Seen, and None even Close to the Condiction of Mine." I had not Disclosed the Firearm’s History. He Fully Dismantled the Pistol and Checked the Barrel. He said the “Condition was at 99% Only Due to the fact that it had 3 or 4 Rounds Fired through it.” He was Totally Correct!!! A VERY GOOD Buddy I Worked with, gave it To Me as a Retirement Gift. He was the Original Owner and he stated he Fired Only 4 Rounds Through the Firearm and Put it away. The Armorer Said it was Very Collectable and If He Owned It He Would Never Fire it. I Have Taken His Advice. The Firearm Looks Brand NEW. I also have a Model 22 which I Fire at the Range. Would you have Anymore Information on This Specific Model Including Approximate Value? The Armorer also Stated for the True Glock Aficionado this is the Model wanted By Collectors. Glock Also stated this is the Only Model Stamped .40 SW in Recognition of S&W Engeering the .40 Caliber Round. Thank You in Advance for Any Additional Insight on this Model 27…….Paul Volkoff – Florida State Security Officer.

    Pau Volkoff
  • Gents, Ihave in my possession two unusual Glocks. I am the original owner of both and have had them since the 1980’s.
    Glock 17, Ser. #AF999
    Glock 19, Ser. #DN999
    I will let you determine if, as a “collector”, any of your members might be interested in acquiring them.
    If you want to contact me please do not send me a post through the GCA web site. Use my email address.

  • Hey! That’s my Glock! All modifications removed with no blemishes but no box etc. Thanks, Joe

    Joe Hester

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