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Glock Dry Fire Mag

With the DryFireMag, when you activate the trigger you get the sound and feel of the firing pin release and the trigger reset. This magazine will fit all 9mm, 40cal., 357 cal. and 45 G.A.P. Glock pistols that use a double stack magazine. Not compatible with single stack pistols.  

With the DryFireMag, practice the kind of trigger action that builds correct muscle memory – even double taps.  Now,  practice exactly as you would shoot when that real life situation presents itself.  Trigger control has to be second nature.

Trigger weight set for factory Glock 5.5 – 6lb.

Please note, firing pin activated laser trainers will not work with the DryFireMag.

Thanks to the DryFireMag for donating a sample. We've tried this out at the GCA and think it is an excellent and safe training aid.

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