Big GLOCK News to Break December 10

Yesterday GLOCK emailed registered users about a big event happening on December 10. In fact GLOCK is calling the event Legendary News. This is big because GLOCK is doing it live and you can register to watch the event unfold.

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glock legendary event

About a month ago I received a nondescript email from GLOCK inviting me to attend an event. This event was short; less than one day. Typically media events with gun manufacturers is spread out over the course of a few days, and you know what to expect, new product introduction, etc.

Since this is such a short and dramatic event, I suspect it is a new product introduction. Call it a teaser prior to the SHOT Show in late January. GlockTalk ( is buzzing with speculation and some funny comments about what the event could mean from a PPC to double stack model 48 and 43X. Some of the comments are pretty darn funny.

I asked my editor pals if they had any insight into the event. They said GLOCK is being tight lipped about the event.

For my money I suspect this:

  • Introduction of the model 44. Why has GLOCK completely ignored a model 44? Is the number 44 bad luck in Austria? Is this the lost waited single stack .45 ACP? Wouldn't it have made more sense to name chamber the model 45 in .45 ACP?
  • A commercial version of the GLOCK model 47. You know G47 models will eventually hit the commercial market just like the FBL GLOCK 17M guns. BTW-I hear 19M pistols will hit the market in December.

I leave for Georgia on December 9 and arrive in the late afternoon. I suspect prior to dinner GLOCK will tease the big reveal to those of us in attendance. Not sure if I'll be required to sign an NDA. I'll keep you posted.



  • Looking at the source code for the website, the teaser images are tagged as “g44_teaser”. So we can assume this is single new firearm = the Glock 44.

  • With the “AR” market booming it is definitely 100% in my mind going to be a polymer frame AR9 A Glock 1911 would be exciting as well just not sure if that would classify as “Legendary” Now a full upper/lower polymer frame Glock AR9, thats pretty Legendary. IMO🤘👊👍

    Joshua Vickers
  • I’ve been a Glock fan for years, I have a 19,23,43,30s,36 and 21sf. Nothing beats a Glock.

    Bill Terry
  • I like glock pistols, in all calibers…my total favorites are a model 19,30, and 20…and they work every time!!!!!

    jesse l. lutton
  • Smart idea, Robert:)


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