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One of the best features of GLOCK pistols is the magazine design. It is reliable, rugged, dependable, lightweight, and easy to load to the last round. Magazines, themselves, are perhaps one of the most important parts to a semi-automatic pistol. Without a good magazine your gun is guaranteed to fail and becomes less of a weapon and more of a paper weight. Most of us take magazines for granted, until they don’t work. The silly part is we all are on a quest for inexpensive, affordable, cheap GLOCK magazines. What’s that old adage? “You get what you pay for.” An inexpensive price does not necessarily equate to high-quality aftermarket magazines.

It is hard to improve on a good thing, but as good as OEM GLOCK magazines are, there are other aftermarket magazines for GLOCK pistols. The problem with OEM GLOCK magazines is they are expensive. Some of the most popular and best aftermarket GLOCK magazines are made by:
  • ETS
  • Magpul
  • ProMag
  • KCI
  • Amend2
  • SGM Tactical
  • Shield Arms
  • Advantage Arms
  • FAB Defense

You might not recognize the FAB Defense GLOCK magazine at the bottom of the list that’s because it is one of newest aftermarket magazines for GLOCKs. We were sent a pair of the new Glock 17 and Glock 19 Ultimags which feature added capacity, functional texture, and two styles of baseplates.

The F.A.B. Defense Glock Ultimag GLOCK 17 and Ultimag GLOCK 19 magazines offer an additional round of capacity with a total round count of 18 for the Glock 17 and 16 rounds for the Glock 19. Ultimags come with two baseplates; one is standard base option and the second is a tactical base. The tactical base features a lip at the front and course serrations to facilitates easier extraction from a mag pouch with or with out gloves plus is makes stripping the magazine easier in the event of a jam. The standard base has a lower profile and is well suited for conceal carry. These FAB Defense GLOCK magazines are compatible with Gen 1 thru Gen 5 GLOCK pistols.

GLOCK magazine FAB Defense comes with two baseplates
The GLOCK Ultimag also features a blue follower. The blue magazine follower allows for fast empty status confirmation. What I like about the FAB Defense GLCOK magazines—other than the cost—is the rough texture in key areas to ensure a secure grip with wet and sweaty hands or when wearing a variety of gloves. The texture also makes the magazine easier to load. Witness holes on the right side of the magazine that indicate the number of rounds left in magazine.

FAB Defense Ultimag baseplates can be removed by hand

I haven’t tested the new Ultimags but they seem to be constructed with heavy duty light weight polymer and steel spring that will stand up to long, hard duty use. They can also be disassemble by hand. No tools required. GLOCK 19 magazines and GLOCK 17 magazines come in four finishes: Block, FDE, OD Green, and Gray.

FAB Defense GLOCK magazine inserted into a GLOCK 17

Did I mention the cost of these aftermarket GLOCK mags is only $19.99? That is an inexpensive GLOCK magazine for sure. Stand by for our test results.

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  • So hard to find online. The store is SOLD OUT. The “.il” (Israeli) store has them in black, OD green, FDE, and grey! Now let’s see if they ship to USA!

    DC Handgun Info

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