A .43 Caliber GLOCK?

It may seem strange a .43 caliber GLOCK but this is an officially licensed paintball gun manufactured by Umarex. Actually it is not a gun at all. Technically Umarex GLOCK is a marker. The lawyers insisted I make the distinction.

Umarex Glock paintball marker

The GLOCK 17 Gen5 T4E is a .43-caliber GLOCK replica developed and manufactured in Germany. The new Umarex GLOCK 17 paintball marker is CO2-powered pistol made for paintball sports and training scenarios. It uses an 8-round magazine and fires either paint- or powder balls in .43 caliber. What's cool about this paintball GLOCK is it is the same dimensions as a GLOCK G17 Gen5. The Umarex GLOCK is compatible with any holster made for GLOCK G17 Gen5 and it can use the grip modules from a GLOCK G17 Gen 5. The Umarex GLOCK is also similar in weight as the real GLOCK and has a similar trigger pull. All the controls--slide stop and magazine release are nearly identical to the GLOCK G17 Gen 5.

GLOCK 17 Gen5 T4E marker

The GLOCK 17 Gen5 T4E marker gives you the familiar handling you are accustomed too, and gives you additional training opportunities a real GLOCK doesn't allow for such as paintball games and training scenarios. With all the Gen5-typical features found on the real GLOCK this Umarex GLOCK can be a game changer for training. The slide cycles when a shot is fired. The sight picture is the same. Grip angle is the same. Remember to wear your safety equipment. Yeah, the lawyers wanted me to add that, too.

Umarex GLOCK loads via a magazine.

Umarex is offering a Standard Edition GLOCK and a First Edition GLOCK which comes in an original GLOCK pistol case and includes four additional backstraps: medium and large, each with and without beavertail.

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  • I’ll bet this would be good for practicing your draw.


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