2021 GLOCK Collectors Association Coin

The 2021 GLOCK Collectors Association coin is finished. These limited edition coins not only celebrate the 25th anniversary of the GCA but the 35th anniversary of GLOCK, USA. Two big milestone in GLOCK lore. The challenge coin also gives a nod to the introduction of Gen5 .40 S&W pistols: G22 Gen5, G22 MOS Gen5, G23 Gen5, G23 MOS Gen5, G27 Gen5 and the G35 Gen5.
2021 glock collectors coin
Thank you to all of our GCA members and non-members for pre-ordering the coins. The proceeds from these coins keep the lights on at the GCA. We use the proceeds to produce and print the GCA Journal and GCA Master Journal as well as keep the website live. Thank you for your support. If you would like to support GCA, please consider purchasing a coin.
2021 glock coin back
This is the third coin in the GCA's series of challenge coins. These coins are a great way to keep track of special events with GLOCK and the GCA. Collect all three and have an up to date collection. We are going to start on the 2022 coin, so stay tuned.


  • These coins are amazing!!! lots of detail on both sides. Bought 2 for my collection.

  • Just received my revised coin in the mail. Love it!! Thanks so much!!!

    Jeffery L Wyles

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