2021 GCA Patch Is Here!

2021 GCA patch

There is so much to acknowledge and celebrate this year we really could have used two patches to tell the story! First off GLOCK has rebooted the .40 S&W Auto caliber in Gen5 pistols. This includes the following Gen5 pistols:

  • G22
  • G22 MOS
  • G23
  • G23 MOS
  • G27
  • G35 MOS

That's six new GLOCK pistols. We have a G23 in house for evaluation and will keep you posted.

Second, it it GLOCK USA's 35-Year Anniversary. We congratulate GLOCK!

Last, but least, this is the 25-Year Anniversary of the GLOCK Collectors Association. This is quite a milestone. I'd like to thanks Stan for is unending service as GCA President and all the past presidents and officers of GCA.

So more about the 2021 GCA patch. It is shaped like a .40 S&W Auto cartridge and the GCA logo is on the flat of the bullet tip. You can get a patch by clicking here or if you join or renew your membership, you will automatically get the patch. Please remember proceeds from items on the GCA website go back into the club.

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  • I ordered mine!


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