2021 GLOCK Collectors Association Journal Is Published

The 2021 GCA Journal is published and will be mailed in the next two weeks. In 2021 the GCA celebrated its 25th Anniversary. Wow! Hard to believe the club has been around for that many years.

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Here's what else you can except in the 2021 GCA Journal:

Subcompact G26 and G27: Baby GLOCKs
The G26 and G27 were GLOCK’s first production micro-nine and micro-forty pistols, respectively. The Subcompact Model 26 chambered in 9mm was GLOCK’s answer to the ultimate back-up and conceal carry pistol.

For The Man In The Open: G20
Most of us who carry weapons on a daily basis do so in urban settings. As a consequence, even though we are preparing to confront the most dangerous animal in the world—the human being. The G20 chambered in 10mm Auto is security indeed.

.40 Caliber Comeback: G23 Gen5 Review
To say the G22 and G23 were popular in LE circles and civilian circles is an understatement. The G22 was most likely the best selling police handgun at the time thanks to the .40 S&W caliber.

GLOCK .40 Retrospect
A Look Back At GLOCK’s First .40 Caliber Pistols. Back in 1980s, 9mm GLOCK pistols completely changed the way Law Enforcement (LE) and militaries around the globe viewed a handgun. By the time the 1990s arrived there was a new caliber on the block.

GLOCK’s Edge
Identifying Gen1 and Gen2 Field and Survival Knives. Before the development of the pistols, GLOCK was producing small parts and products for the Austrian military in the 1970s. This equipment consisted of polymer belt buckles, components, and more.

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