2021 GCA Coin

You have asked. In fact many of you have asked: Why is the 2021 GCA coin coming out? Well, your wait is over. It took a few time--actually a alot of back and forth--between us and the manufacturer. The reason it took so long is there was so much to pack on the coin. First off it it the 35-year anniversary of GLOCK USA to celebrate and second, the GCA is celebrating our 25-year anniversary. A special thanks goes out to former GCA presidents and officers for having the foresight to create this GLOCK club. Who would have thought GLOCK would be collectable back in the 1980s?

2021 GCA coin

The other big event is GLOCK introducing .40 S&W Auto pistols in Gen5 configuration. The .40 S&W was the darling caliber for the FBI and Law Enforcement since the early 1990s, but since the popularity has shifted to the 9mm. There are still many LE agencies the field the .40 S&W and GLOCK has instroduced the the Gen5 G22, Gen5 G22 MOS, Gen5 G23, Gen5 G23 MOS, Gen5 G25 and the Gen5 G35 MOS. Six new pistols. That's a lot of information to be included on one coin.

We have already started to take pre-orders on the coins so get yours while we still have them. We only order a minimal amount to cover members who want a coin. Remember proceeds from coin sales go back into the club, so we can bring you all things GLOCK.

Happy GLOCK Hunting, as Stan always says.


  • Just curious if the coins are going to be corrected?

    Jeffery L Wyles
  • Candman87: We have heard rumors the G35 Gen5 is in the works, but nothing official yet.

  • Does this mean the G35 Gen5 has been announced? Still haven’t seen anything from Smyrna about it.

  • woo-hoo


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